Project Story Map – show your workings!

So this is a mash or a hack of Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping.  The objective is the same in that it is important for the team  to develop shared understanding of’s 2017 Development process.  How do we frame the work, what are the goals – outputs and outcomes, how does the project breakdown … Continued

We won! Open:2017 #Digiden kickstarter

  We are delighted and honoured that was voted the winner at Open:2017‘s #DigiDen competition.  The dragon’s den style event saw three projects Re-publica radio (daily radio podcasts, supported by Paul Mason), Rhino Charging (community electric vehicle charging stations) and  Each pitcher was questioned by the panel judges: Vivian Woodell from The Phone Coop, … Continued

We need a bigger video! Micro-crowdfund is go…….

Hello fairmondo users and supporters   Happy 2017!   We’re micro-crowdfunding to produce a video for a major crowdfund later this year – can you help?   We’ve been testing the site for nearly a year and we now understand a lot more about the current platform’s limitations and the challenges of building … Continued

Platform Cooperativism conference in the shadow of Trump

This is a text on my experiences at the Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School. A lot was discussed so this is not an attempt to report everything, but the bits I found most interesting and relevant. I hope readers will find it useful to check out links in the text. It is Friday … Continued

They don’t want us to do this!

  What google, facebook and twitter want is competition between sellers – their commercial users – in a head to head fight for every customer.  In this fight the only thing that matters is the size of each enterprise’s marketing budget, how much you have to spend building a website, boosting posts, tweets and buying … Continued

Collaborating for change: how consumers, businesses, campaigners and governments can work together to advance ethical markets – #EC_conf2016

Ethical consumer conference for those working to develop the ethical sector  is one of the highlights of the year, a welcome opportunity to get away from the daily grind, reflect and explore ideas with like minded people.  This years conference asks us to consider the “how” of collaboration, the many ways that different individuals, enterprises, … Continued

The World Transformed – #digitaldemocracy in practice

Fairmondo checked in at #TWT2016 – The World Transformed; four days of creative space running alongside Labour’s annual Conference that is reimagining our World.  The central question is how can we build a world where health, wealth and happiness are shared equitably, where no one is left behind and we respect the planet.  There is … Continued

#OrganicSeptember – are you in?

To celebrate  #organicseptember  we are giving away a basket of premium organic, fairtrade coffees to one lucky person who signs up to! We have hand picked seven coffees from around the world that represent the ethical values baked in to  As the UK’s first cooperatively owned marketplace for ethical sellers, goods and services … Continued

We are here – we want to be over there!

We are here, deploying our alpha version marketplace and our destination is over there at the far end of the growth curve.  It is a long way off, hard to reach and there is a lot of work required. So its reasonable to ask: why go there, why is travelling the exponential growth required?  Received … Continued