Welcome to fairmondo uk!  Our aim is to build an online marketplace that helps make the ethical – everyday.  Fairmondo is cooperatively owned by its sellers, buyers and workers.  As a community we are dedicated to finding and supplying ethical goods and services from ethical suppliers. Come and join us.


Fairmondo UK is a Co-operative Society: a business owned and run by its members.  We are working together to build a marketplace for goods and services that is fair to those who make, supply, sell and buy.  Our ethical businesses and products are fair to people and the planet.
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Projects and Pioneers

Pioneers wanted!  There is a lot of work to do building a fair and sustainable economy.  We’re looking for people who share the view that “if it doesn’t exist we will build it”.  We have several work streams that need workers.

Join us

Come and join us in our endeavour to save the world one purchase at a time!  It is quick and easy to become a member – just fill out the form here to get the ball rolling.