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A cooperatively owned online marketplace that makes it really easy to source ethical goods and services from sellers with a strong commitment to ethical business and trade.

What is Fairmondo UK?

The One

A marketplace that brings ethical sellers goods and customers together in one place. Learn more.


A marketplace that makes it really easy to find ethical solutions to everyday needs. Learn more.


A marketplace that is cooperatively owned and run by its users: buyers, sellers, workers, investors. Learn More.

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What's the offer?

For Sellers:

  • Upload, manage and display inventory (single or bulk upload, add/remove, sync, edit and reprice)
  • Carry out transactions with other parties (receive payment and ship)
  • Resolve disputes (refunds and returns)
  • Self-declare ethical value proposition,
  • Display accreditation schemes for the company and product lines
  • Reference third party assurance and evaluations (eg Ethical Consumer Reports)
  • Receive dividend or share of surplus as coop members

For Consumers:

  • Use ethical terms/tags to search, display, select/filter items that meet requirements
  • Complete transactions: purchases, rent/hires, shares, gifts/free
  • Manage orders online
  • Resolve disputes
  • Contribute to community ethical assurance, scrutiny and feedback.
  • Coop members receive dividend or share of surplus

Where do we go from here?

Find out about the plan for the future and how you can get involved by signing up to our newsletter and checking out our vacancies list.