What is Fairmondo?

Fairmondo began life in Germany in 2012 as a cooperatively owned marketplace that would promote fair goods and services and “responsible consumption”. It is owned and run democratically by its members.


Fairmondo UK is a next step in building a global network of cooperative platforms for trading goods and services. The UK platform is being built and promoted by Worth Cooperating until its launch as a multi-stakeholder cooperative based on a Somerset and Fairshares rules.

The One

The simple lesson from the short history of online platforms is that “the winner takes all”. Amazon, ebay, Uber, Airbnb etc backed by huge sums of money have not only been disruptive to old business but have become dominant in the new. If ethical, fair, cooperative consumption is to counter the market power of these giants the “ethical community” - those of us who believe business can be done differently - must act together to create a single, trading space that becomes the online home of the Good.


It is difficult to see how myriad separate sites will ever become sufficiently visible in mainstream consumer markets to challenge the terms on which our daily needs are fulfilled. By working together through a cooperative platform many individual sellers and customers can aggregate the demand for ethical goods, assemble capital to build the marketplace and give coherence to a consumer movement that puts people and planet before profit.


“buying the good” should be easy, straightforward and stress free. Being an ethical consumer should not be about hours of research, trawling through the internet, comparing competing claims, wondering if the seller can be trusted. By gathering ethical sellers and goods together in one trusted community we can present a wide choice of solutions without the hassle.


Trusted site, trusted sellers, trusted goods. It’s a simple proposition, those who make and grow the things we need, those who build the marketplace, those who shop there or have provided social investment should and can share in running the business and distribution of any surplus.